High Frequency Direct-Drive Electric Propulsor

About the Machine

Our high frequency direct-drive machine features best in class electro-magnetic performance with a 98% efficiency, and highest in class specific power of 11 kW/kg.  

This machine was designed for the NASA STARC-ABL future hybrid electric aircraft in a tail-cone propulsor configuration. This outer-rotor machine features a high pole count to achieve high efficiency and boasts an air-cooled stator. Learn more about our machine here.

How It Works

Fault Tolerant Design

Our machine features a segmented coil arrangement with distributed power electronics to prevent mission critical failure. In event that an electronic subsystem fails, our machine will still propel the aircraft to a safe landing. 

Halbach Array

We use a Halbach array to contain our magnetic field and eliminate heavy magnetic insulators. This allows us to efficiently use our magnetic field to produce high torque. 

Air Cooling 

Our high-efficiency machine allows us to use air to cooling for our machine. This eliminates the need for heavy liquid circuits. 

Performance Metrics

Machine Power2.6 MW
Machine Efficiency 98%
Machine Specific Power11 kW/kg
Machine Outer Diameter 0.56m

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Hinetics Direct Drive Machine


Cross Section of Machine

Additional Information

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