Shielded Superconducting Air Core Generators

Our team is building the world’s most advanced electrical generators to produce clean, renewable electricity and power our sustainable energy future by utilizing cutting edge Air Core technology

How it works

These generators will use our patent pending Air Core design combined with the power of superconducting magnets to generate electricity at levels comparable to current generators used in wind-based technology

Why Air Core

By combining the strength of superconducting magnets with the developing Air Core technology we can significantly reduce the weight of generator units thus also reducing the overall costs of wind turbine installation both directly and indirectly. We believe that this reduced cost will help make American offshore wind a competitive and viable option to supply energy to millions of Americans in a clean and environmentally conscious way.


Wind Turbine Technology

Air Core generator technology has the potential to revolutionize the wind industry in the United States, especially in the off-shore sector. By reducing the overall weight of turbines without reducing their energy output, we can cut the installation and operation costs of turbines, making off-shore wind a more financially viable method in the emerging US renewable energy markets.

Ship Propulsion Technology

Much like off-shore wind, ship propulsion stands a lot to gain from powerful motors at a reduced weight. At Hinetics we see real potential for Air Core technology to have a role in reducing ship weight and thus increase ship capacity without having to sacrifice power.

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