Permanent Magnet Air Core Machines

We are working to speed up the adoption of electric machinery in future aircraft applications. Our electric machines boasts 98% efficiency at state-of-the-art power density.

How it works

Our motor currently being developed is a direct drive machine which eliminates failure-prone elements such as a gearbox. It is driven electro-magnetically using a Halbach array to provide the highest levels of efficiency.

Why Air Core

In addition to electrification benefits, utilizing an air core machine greatly reduces the weight of the motor leading to improved fuel savings during flight. It also allows for novel integration of air cooling schemes to save on motor cooling costs.


Regional Electric Aircraft

These motors are being designed at with the highest level of efficiency in mind. Reducing or eliminating reliance on fossil fuel consumption will have immediate and meaningful impact on both the environment and the overall cost of flying.

Urban Mobility Technology

We believe that this technology can have a meaningful impact on other industries beyond air travel. One such application may be found in the rapidly developing urban mobility industry.

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